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22.6.2022 Decarbonate project – Public Final Report, Eemeli Tsupari, Kirsi Korpijärvi, Juho Kauppinen, Toni Pikkarainen, Timo Leino, Pekka Simell, Mikko Lappalainen, Iris Winberg, Oona Katajisto, Sampo Mäkikouri, VTT (pdf)

17.5.2022 Cement precalcination with electricity and carbon dioxide sequestration, Oona Katajisto, VTT
Betonitutkimusseminaari (Concrete research seminar in Finland) (pdf)

1.3.2022 Reduction of industrial CO2 emissions by electric calcination, Eemeli Tsupari & Oona Katajisto, VTT
IEAGHG-IETS iCCUS Workshop (pdf)

30.11.2021 Electrically-heated calciner with CO2 capture – ​Pilot-scale rotary kiln at VTT, Finland, Oona Katajisto, VTT
Global CemPower conference (pdf)

12.10.2021 Research infrastructure virtual opening (in Finnish) (pdf)

4.11.2020 Calcination of calcium carbonate based materials in electric heated rotary kiln, Oona Katajisto, VTT, M.Sc. Thesis (pdf)

10.6.2020 Electrolyser market outlook, Mikko Lappalainen, VTT (pdf)

3.6.2020 CO2 Market outlook, Iris Winberg & Elina Mäki, VTT (pdf)